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Our Top 10 Favorite Papaya Paper Towel Reviews

Our Top 10 Favorite Papaya Paper Towel Reviews

Ok, we don’t want to brag toooo much, but our reviews are so out-of-this-world good we decided to write a whole article about them!

What better way to show you how amazing our reusable paper towels are than by using the testaments of our amazing Papaya clan? We also love how these reviews highlight new and interesting ways to use them, because you know we’re always here for a cleaning hack.

So strap in and get ready for some clean-spiration, because these eco-queens are truly inspiring. ✨ 

1. Papaya paper towels are “The BEST!" 💯


Christine, we couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how often our reviewers mention how durable our paper towels are. And boy are we tickled pink because this is by design! Our paper towels have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they work as hard as you do to get your home sparkling without losing their lustre.  

2. Never buying disposable paper towels again! 🙌


We’re so happy Sarah took the opportunity on Earth Day to make this eco-friendly swap 🌱 Luckily our reusable paper towels aren’t just better for the planet but better for tougher jobs, like getting gunk off stove tops and cleaning up hefty messes. Like Sarah says, once you give ‘em a go you’ll never think twice about buying disposable paper towels again.  

3. Friend envy 👯‍♀️


We LOVE that Shira’s friend just had to have one of her Papaya paper towels as soon as she saw it! These “mini works of art” are so cute it’s hard not to act like Carrie Bradshaw when she sees a pair of Manolos. Don’t worry, our handy Subscribe & Save program ensures that you’ll get a new order of paper towels before you run out, or when one mysteriously disappears after a girls brunch. 😉

4. A better clean  🧼


Lilly has nailed one of the main reasons to swap to reusable paper towels; disposable paper towels aren’t even good at cleaning! They’re flimsy, fall apart when wet, and take half a roll to deal with a fairly minor spill. Like Lilly points out, our reusable paper towels are “SO absorbent,” meaning switching to Papaya is not only a sustainable swap but a practical one as well!

5. Genius Hook! 


This eco detective did a ton of research before landing on Papaya and we love it! Elizabeth is absolutely correct. Our “genius hook” comes with every new order of two paper towels, and is completely unique to Papaya. The hook helps your paper towels dry super quick, preventing that nasty mildew smell, and makes quick clean up easy as pie. 

Elizabeth also points out that our reusable paper towels are also toddler friendly! Made from all natural cotton and cellulose, means these gems are safe to use on your little ones when they get into a sticky situation :) 

6. Saves you money, honey 💸


We know that investing in sustainable alternatives can seem like a big financial commitment. This is often because we are used to single-use prices that feel cost-effective in the moment. But as Ginevra points out, the fact that our paper towels are high-quality and reusable for many months, means this swap will save you money in the long run! Plus, our Subscribe & Save program ensures you save money on every single order! 

7. Dishwasher safe! ✨


Hot tip alert! Ellie has figured out one of easiest ways to wash her Papaya paper towel. Just pop that bad boy on the top rack of the dishwasher and bam! Good as new. This makes keeping your reusable paper towel clean super easy and convenient. You can also use your washing machine and air dry, or even hand wash for every day use. 

8. Guilt-free cleaning 🌎


No one should feel guilty while keeping their pup’s paws mud-free! This is one of our favorite benefits of the reusable paper towel; they are all natural and compostable! Disposable paper towels create a ton of waste, contribute to deforestation and often end up in the landfill, releasing harmful methane gas into the atmosphere. From small to big messes Papaya has got your back sans guilt! 

9. One for every room! 🥰


Most make-up wearers can agree it’s nearly impossible to wash your face without creating a small body of water around the edge of your sink. That’s why we love Laura’s genius idea to keep a Papaya towel next to her vanity for post-wash damage control. Just goes to show how a Papaya towel can live in any room of the house to make yer daily spiffin’ that much easier. 

10. The Holy Grail 🌟


This one has it all! We feel so happy that Papaya gets to be a part of your growing families. 💖  Trust us, we know messes are just a part of life. So why not be properly prepared for whatever mess comes your way? And while we’re asking mind bending rhetorical questions, why not be kind to the environment for future generations to come? 

As Abbie points out, our reusable paper towels have all the convenience of a disposable paper towel without the pitfalls of high-cost, low-durability, and unnecessary waste. Well done Abbie for being such a thoughtful eco-warrior!



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Check out all the gorgeous designs to start your reusable paper towel journey today! 

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