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Materials & Care

Raw and Renewable

All Natural

100% Compostable

How to wash:

Follow these tips to keep your Reusable Paper Towels SPARKLING

For everyday use:

1. Rinse with soap & water (or just water!)

After using your Papaya paper towel, a simple rinse with soap and water will bring it back to life. If it wasn’t a particularly dirty job, water alone should do the trick! Then just wring out the water, and hang it to dry on the adorable Papaya hook! Clean, dry and ready to grab the next time you need it.

For a deeper clean:

2. Pop it in the dishwasher

After a super messy job, or whenever it needs a refresh (we recommend approx once a week!) place your Papaya paper towel on the top rack of your dishwasher! After the cycle, squeeze out the excess water and hang it to dry on the Papaya hook! It’ll look and feel good as new.

3. Or toss it in the washing machine

Already have a load ready for the wash? Add your Papaya paper towel to the laundry! Once it's done in the wash, simply hang it on the Papaya hook to air-dry (Note: putting it in the dryer may cause shrinkage!)

How long does

one last?

  • Most people like to compost their reusable paper towels after 2-3 months of average wear and tear.

  • But depending on placement and use, one sheet can last 6-9 months !

  • Sheets used for messy cleaning (spills, appliances, dishes, kids) will reach their end quicker.

  • Sheets used for lighter cleaning (glass, vanities, produce etc.) will have a longer lifespan.

3 signs it's time

to compost:

It’s taking longer to fully soften under water

It doesn’t absorb as much, as quickly

It’s starting to look very well-loved :)

No greater feeling than composting a reusable paper towel, guilt-free and starting a beautiful, fresh new one.

Papaya Reusables

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