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Meet the Reusable Paper Towel that replaces 17 rolls. Proving size doesn’t matter after all :) All Natural. Anti-Bacterial. Compostable.

Papaya Reusables

"It may seem too good to be true, but that’s the magic
behind reusable paper towel brand Papaya."

“Reusable paper towels by Papaya will take
your cleaning routine to the next level.”

“While giving paper towels as a gift may seem weird
at first, that’s because you haven’t seen Papaya.”


Reusable Paper Towel

1. Clean your kitchen

You just cooked a beautiful meal. But your kitchen? She ain’t looking as good. Reusable paper towels to the rescue! Use it on granite, laminate, glass - you name it. Kitchen clean-up will never be the same.

2. Shine those appliances

Kitchen in need of a deep clean? Turn on your best nostalgic playlist, put your hair in a messy bun and let the reusable paper towel do the rest! Great for cleaning your stove top, microwave, fridge, toaster etc.

3. Wipe up spills of any size

You spilled your coffee. Your baby spilled their milk. Enter the greatest paper towel alternative ever created. Our reusable paper towels can absorb 20x their own weight in liquid so they’ll actually soak. up. that. spill!

4. Messy toddler cleanup

Stop using disposable baby wipes to clean sticky hands, sticky faces and sticky floors! Reusable paper towels are the perfect alternative to keep your tiny human clean. Just wet to soften and wipe, wipe, wipe.

5. Streak-free window cleaning

Glass cleaner and disposable paper glass cleaner and reusable paper towel! Same job, better performance. Grab your reusable paper towel for a streak-free, squeaky clean on windows, mirrors etc.!

6. Wash your dirty dishes

Is your kitchen sponge sitting wet and smelly in your sink right now? Use your reusable paper towel instead to wash your dishes, then just rinse them and hang to dry. Farewell, grimy, bacteria filled kitchen sponges!

7. Take off your makeup

Single-use cotton rounds are expensive and wasteful. Reusable paper towels are soft on your skin - for the perfect alternative to disposable makeup remover pads. They can also be used to clean your makeup brushes!

8. Bathroom cleaning essential

Trust us when we say: hang a reusable paper towel in every single bathroom! From deep cleaning your shower, tub, sink and toilet, to wiping up excess water after you wash your face - these are a bathroom must!

9. Paper napkin replacement

Paper napkins are the worst! Say goodbye to tiny pieces of napkin sticking to your fingers when you try to wipe them! Simply wet your reusable paper towel before your meal, and level up to the adult version of a baby wipe.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Love them

I have a bunch of them in my kitchen and bathroom!!! Tired of my husband telling me “you are a duck!” Because double cleansing my face, I splash water all over the sink 😆... I was quickly cleaning the sink with tissues !!! Till papaya arrived. I have a papaya towel hanging on the side of out bathroom sink. Yeah! Smart right?

Absorbantly beautiful

These are legitimately the most absorbent thing I use to clean up messes. What used to require two or three paper towels bunched up to clean up spilled milk or tomato goo off my cutting board, now can be erased in one fail swoop with my papaya reusable paper towel. There are two so I can always have a clean one handy, and the lemon design is so cute in my kitchen!

Favorite new product of 2021

We are reordering right now so that we can have Papaya Reusable Paper towels in every area of our home for every kind of use! I’m telling all my friends!

Love these!

It has been so great having these in our kitchen! I use them for everything from drying off dishes, wiping off appliances, and cleaning up messes. It feels good not be using a lot of paper towels anymore, definitely not going back!


Never going back to normal paper towels.

Pleasantly Surprised

I bought these thinking I wouldn’t use them much and end up going back to the unending rolls and waste of regular paper towels. I mean, how strong could a reusable paper towel be?? But let me tell you I was very wrong. I use these for EVERYTHING. Drying my hands, wiping down my counter, scrubbing the oven and the list goes on. They are very durable but also thin enough that they dry fast preventing that nasty mildew odor that happens with other rags and towels. I’ve since bought more for friends and family and I am happy to say I am fully aboard the reusable paper towel train!


Yall, I cant tell yall how excited I was over paper towels 😍🤣 I've really been working towards not dumping all over the Earth lately,and this is one purchase I genuinely felt PROUD of, incredible! Can't wait to compost it in a couple months!


Squeeze the Day


the cutest duo! they hold up extremely well & i can definitely see they replace 17 rolls. LOVE them!!! so good! will never buy generic paper towels again!!


I am very happy with my towels! The color is beautiful! So glad I found this company!


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