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Meet the Reusable Paper Towel that replaces 17 rolls. Proving size doesn’t matter after all :) All Natural. Antibacterial. Compostable.

Papaya Reusables

Top 10 ways people use Papaya:

wipe up spills

1 - wipe up spills

clean your counters

2 - clean your counters

wash your dishes

3 - wash your dishes

wipe water from your vanity

4 - wipe water from your vanity

clean up after messy toddlers

5 - clean up after messy toddlers

replace paper napkins

6 - replace paper napkins

absorbs 20x its own weight

7 - absorbs 20x its own weight

outdoor furniture clean up

8 - outdoor furniture clean up

keep your produce fresh

9 - keep your produce fresh

wash windows, streak-free

10 - wash windows, streak-free

"It may seem too good to be true, but that’s the magic
behind reusable paper towel brand Papaya."

“Reusable paper towels by Papaya will take
your cleaning routine to the next level.”

“While giving paper towels as a gift may seem weird
at first, that’s because you haven’t seen Papaya.”

paper towels 101

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