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Step 1

Find a place for your hooks!

Hang different designs for different uses!

  • On the backsplash
  • By the highchair
  • In each bathroom
  • By the kitchen sink

Customer Reviews

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Frank Jones
I like…

Good product with no smell after many uses. Washable is good option to have/use.

Jessica Truong
Super Absorbent & No Funky Smell!

I’m really impressed with Papaya & how it delivers! It feels great not going through so many paper towels.

Karen KC
Love these reusable towels!!!!

Love the Papaya reusables! Absolutely beautiful colours and patterns! Like that you just hang them up on their hooks to dry! Using them to clean glass, wipe down counters, fridge, microwave- no streaking. Super happy with this product!

Haley Buckoll
The best!

I was a little skeptical when I ordered these, but we were going through paper towels at an insane rate, so I figured it was worth a shot. The gross musty smell that dish cloths get is one of my biggest pet peeves, I can’t stand it. These have been in action in our house for two weeks and not a hint of mustiness! I’ve tossed them in the dishwasher twice, given them a rinse, and hung them back up, and they’re all set to go!

We currently have one pattern that we use for our toddler’s face and hands as he eats, and another pattern for wiping counters, etc. Highly recommend Papaya for both uses. We hardly ever use paper towels now, unless it’s for something mega gross.

These have even helped our toddler become more independent. He has an easier time wiping his own hands and face because the Papaya towels are super thick and easy to grab. When he would try with damp paper towels, they’d sort of just disintegrate as he squishes them around.

Can’t recommend enough, will be a repeat customer for sure!

One on the backsplash

For spills, counters & appliances

Another by the sink

To wash dishes & replace your gross, bacteria-filled sink sponge.

Keep some in a drawer

To absorb moisture from produce, and replace napkins (Just dampen & use like a wet wipe!)

In each bathroom

To wipe up water from the vanity & clean the shower, tub & mirrors!

In the cleaning caddy

To clean windows & mirrors, and scrub marks off walls & floors. (Use with your fav cleaning products!)

One by the highchair

To clean up after mealtimes, and wipe sticky hands & faces!

Wanna use it as a sponge or baby wipe?

Read more here:

How to Wash:

Follow these tips to keep your Reusable Paper Towels SPARKLING

For everyday use:

1. Rinse with soap & water (or just water!)

After using your Papaya paper towel, a simple rinse with soap and water will bring it back to life. If it wasn’t a particularly dirty job, water alone should do the trick! Then just wring out the water, and hang it to dry on the adorable Papaya hook! Clean, dry and ready to grab the next time you need it.

For a deeper clean:

2. Pop it in the dishwasher

After a super messy job, or whenever it needs a refresh (we recommend approx once a week!) place your Papaya paper towel on the top rack of your dishwasher! After the cycle, squeeze out the excess water and hang it to dry on the Papaya hook! It’ll look and feel good as new.

3. Or toss it in the washing machine

Don't have a dishwasher? Add your Papaya paper towel to the laundry! Once it’s done in the wash, simply hang it on the Papaya hook to air-dry. (Note: putting it in the dryer may cause shrinkage!)

Papaya Reusables

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