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Papaya Hook
Papaya Hook

Papaya Hook


1. The Backsplash

Your go-to paper towel! Use for everyday messes like spills, floors and appliances.

2. By Your Counters

Your easy-access paper towel for wiping down counters and cleaning up after meal prep.

3. By The Kitchen Sink

Replace your bacteria-filled sponges.
Just add soap, lather and get scrubbing!

4. Inside the Kitchen Cupboard

Your hideaway option for everyday messes, or for drying wet dishes from the dishwasher.

5. Next to the Highchair

Messy toddlers are no match for Papaya! Use on sticky hands, faces, trays and floors.

6. By Your Vanity

Use this paper towel to soak up water puddles from your vanity. No more wasted tissues!

7. In Your Bathroom

Here for all your sink and shower related cleaning needs. Say goodbye to rags for good.

8. In the Kid's Bathroom

Replace the never-ending rotation
of washcloths, and use for bath time puddles!

1 sheet
replaces 17 rolls!
Just wet to soften
All natural
No mildew smell
100% compostable

The eco-swap you never
knew you needed.


What are they made of?

Papaya paper towels are all natural, super quick-drying, and don’t go to the landfill!

For everyday use:

  • 1. Hand-wash with soap & water. Hang to dry.

For a deeper clean:

  • 2. Top rack of your dishwasher.
  • 3. Machine wash. Air-dry only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love these!

I've had my Papaya reusable towels for a couple of months now, and am still loving them! They're the perfect size and they work so well to cleanup the kitchen counters, rinse, and then they dry out so quickly when hanging! Impressive! I will definitely be a continued customer when mine are ready for replacement (which won't be for a long while at the rate they're going). Highly recommend.

Jennilyn Kate Robles
Love them

I love these towels. I've been trying to make the effort to choose more green products and reduce our waste. I love that they're reusable. You can hang them up and they rinse and clean well. As with any towel, they do air dry on the stiff side, but soften up well! Plus they have cute designs!


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