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6 Conversation Starters That Aren’t About COVID or Banana Bread

6 Conversation Starters That Aren’t About COVID or Banana Bread

I don't know about you, but this pandemic has seriously messed up my conversation skills. 

I all but forgot how to talk to normal human beings because I've spent most of my time talking to my dog. And when I do get the chance to chat with a real, live person our convos typically start with a dry, "so how's your pandemic going?"

So I decided to do a bit of research - for my sake and yours. Without further ado, here are 6 conversation starters that don't begin with "wanna see a picture of my new birthmark" or "sh** weather, huh?" 

1 - "What’s something good that happened to you this year?"

Yes, 2020 sucked. No, that’s not an excuse to just have a pity party in place of a conversation. So instead of getting into the whole “who got it worse” olympics, why not focus on the positives? Even if that positive is something as simple as “I got cute reusable paper towels from Papaya!” (Which is actually so awesome, I’m proud of you!)

2 - "Which shows have you binged watched lately?"

If you haven’t binged at least one show this year, you haven’t done 2020 right. Was it Tiger King, The Queen’s Gambit, a classic like Friends? So just jump straight to the facts and ask them what they’ve watched lately - cause let’s be real, none of us spent the year doing anything much more remarkable than that (2021, be better to us!).

Actual footage of me hearing Ross say Rachel instead of Emily for the 300th time.

3 - "What did you think of the Bachelorette finale?"

On that note, if your convo partner is a member of Bachelor Nation (and if they’re not, it’s time to reconsider that friendship… just kidding… but also not really) ask them their thoughts on Zayshia. Is it a match made in Bachelor heaven? How long do you think they’ll last? Who did you have the biggest crush on, and why was it Brendan?

4 - "Did you hear that UFOs are real?"

In the midst of the sh**-show that was 2020, the fact that NASA confirmed they were studying UFOs and actually believed them to be real was somehow forgotten. So instead of talking about all the blah 2020 topics, why not bring up a topic alien to most people? (Sorry not sorry for that awful pun.) 

How UFOs look in my brain. Cute, I know. 

5 - "How are you doing… but like, actually?"

I know what you’re thinking - “I didn’t come to this blog to be told a good conversation starter is ‘how are you’”. And you’d probably be right. But 2020’s an exception. Everyone is going through their own struggles, and everyone needs an outlet. So ask the person you’re talking to how they’re doing - how they’re actually, honestly doing - and just be there for them. 

6 - "Did you know there’s such a thing as reusable paper towels?"

Ok, I may be biased, but I think this is an awesome conversation starter. Most people are genuinely surprised to find out there is such a thing as a reusable paper towel - and that no, they’re not just a dish cloth, and yes, they’re actually pretty freaking cool. So instead of talking about the number of new COVID cases in your area, talk about the number of trees you’re saving each day. You’re welcome!

7 - Okay fine, Banana Bread.

If you REALLY, TRULY, feel like you need to, you can ask someone about their favorite banana bread recipe. I won’t judge you. Ok, maybe a little bit. 

Any conversation starters you wanna add to this list? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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