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7 Things That Happen Once You Ditch Single-Use Plastics

7 Things That Happen Once You Ditch Single-Use Plastics

So you’re thinking about making the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. To proudly say no to plastic bags at checkout. To be that sustainable queen the world doesn’t deserve!

But now you’re wondering: Is life without plastic really fantastic? 

First of all, yes. Second of all, we’ve been there. So here is a breakdown of exactly what you can expect when you make the sweet, sweet switch to reusable products:

1 - You’ll feel better about yourself

Shocker of the century: ditching single use plastics FEELS FREAKING FANTASTIC. Late for work? Who cares, you’re saving the planet! Miss a deadline? Doesn’t matter, you’re saving the planet! Drunk text your ex? Nothing to be embarrassed about, you’re saving the planet! 

2 - You’ll feel lighter

Tired of plastic bags overflowing under your kitchen sink? Or the paper towels you bought at Costco taking up your entire pantry? Switching to reusables fixes ALL that. By minimizing the amount of waste in your house, you’ll have more space for things that you actually need. Like your new houseplant, Martha. (Yes, we name our houseplants. Sue us.)

This is Martha☝️ Hey Martha. 

3 - You’ll save money, and the planet

Yes, single use products may SEEM cheaper. But that's only if you don’t consider the fact you have to keep spending your money on them, over and over and over again until you DIE! Meanwhile, some reusable products could literally last you a lifetime. And save you a ton of money. Money you could use to buy a sibling for your houseplant Martha. Or fund your fair-trade chocolate addiction. It’s your money, we don’t judge. 

4 - You’ll be surprised by how easy it is

Seriously, there are so many brands out there that have adapted to the sustainable movement. Try shampoo bars from Dr. Bronner’s, a company that makes low-waste alternatives to your fave shower essentials. Switch from tampons to a Diva Cup. Get a bamboo toothbrush from Truthbrush. And well, get your reusable paper towels from you-know-who (hint: a brand whose name starts with pa and ends with paya).

4 - You’ll develop the eco glow

Yes, it’s a thing. When you say goodbye to the single use lifestyle, you start to magically just look… better. We call it: the eco glow up. The only skincare routine that will get you the glow: reduce, reuse, recycle. You’re welcome!

This is a joke. You'll be happy, but you won't actually look like this. Nobody looks like this. 

5 - You’ll start telling EVERYONE about it

Your friends. Your mom. Your boss. Your cat. That one coworker you kind of hate but still interact with because you have to. You’ll find yourself telling everyone who crosses your path about your new lifestyle switch. Will they get annoyed by it? Maybe. Should you stop? Definitely not. 

6 - You’ll go from eco-conscious, to conscious of everything

You might THINK you’re only ditching single use plastics. But becoming eco-friendly is like a gateway drug into the world of becoming a better human being, period. Before you know it, you’ll not only have ditched plastic bags, you’ll also start donating your used clothing to a shelter, volunteering at a soup kitchen, launching a humanitarian cause of your own. You’ll go from simply reducing your environmental footprint, to increasing your impact on the world! And to that we say PapaYAAAAS!

7 - You’ll be HOOKED

Once you go eco, you never go back. So get ready! You’re in for a fun, wild, totally sustainable ride! 


Drop a 🙌  in the comments if you’re ready to switch to reusable products! 

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