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10 Ways to Use Your Reusable Paper Towel. Number 6 Will Shock You!

10 Ways to Use Your Reusable Paper Towel. Number 6 Will Shock You!

We’re not gonna sugar coat it: cleaning just plain sucks.

And not because cleaning itself is annoying, but because it’s impossible to find products that do the job, and do it well! You either end up spending way too much on a variety of cleaning products that only clean specific surfaces, or you settle for a basic - and let’s be honest, wasteful - paper towel roll.

That’s where reusable paper towels come in! Not only are they a yay for the planet - just one sheet replaces 17 rolls of the disposable kind - they’re also a YAYYYY for your cleaning habits, because they are the QUEEN of versatile cleaning.

So if you’re ready to get your hands on a cleaning product that takes the “blaaa” out of cleaning, read on my darling, read on. 

Here are our top 10 ways to use your reusable paper towel:

1 - Wipe up spills, big and small!

Reusable paper towels may look cute and thin - but don’t be fooled! Just one of these little sheets can absorb 20x its own weight in liquids. Which means that whatever the size of your spill, it’s got you covered. 

Surprised by this random fact? Find out other amazing things you never knew about reusable paper towels in this blog post.

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Wiping Up Coffee Spill

2 - Better sink sponge!

Did you know that sink sponges harbor 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimeter? We wish we were kidding. At the rate sponges collect germs, you’d have to replace yours every WEEK in order to prevent them from collecting dangerous, disease-spreading germs like E. Coli. But because the  reusable paper towel material dries so quickly, they don't allow time for bacteria to breed, especially when hung on the sleek hook they come with. Plus, their texture, durability and large surface area makes them perfect for taking on any sink full of dishes. 

Depending on how frequently you want to replace them, check out our customizable subscription options to make your reusable paper towel journey easier, and cheaper!

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Dishes Sponge Replacement

3 - Clean up after your tiny humans 

Sure, toddlers are cute and all, but let’s be honest here: kids are a hot mess! Luckily with reusable paper towels, you don’t have to keep going through packages and packages of wasteful baby wipes. You can use reusable paper towels for all your kid-related clean-ups! Wipe down high chairs? Check. Scrub oatmeal off the floor? Check. Clean their sticky hands after a snack? Check. 

Plus - reusable paper towels are almostttt as cute as your little ones. Don’t take our word for it, click to shop all of our cuuuuuuuute paper towel designs!

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Toddler Highchair

4 - Clean any and all surfaces

Unlike dish towels, sponges, or disposable paper towels, you can use reusable paper towels on any surface. Sticky stovetops, grimy microwaves, crumby toaster ovens and everything in between - your reusable paper towel can handle it. Great on stainless steel, laminate, granite and more! 

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Stovetop

5 - Streak-free glass and window cleaning

Unlike regular paper towels and dishrags, reusable paper towels are really good - and we mean really good at cleaning surfaces like glass, mirrors and windows without leaving behind stress-inducing streaks or lint. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best cleaning product of all?

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Window Streak and Lint Free.jpg

6 - Remove your makeup!

Get this: not only are reusable paper towels tougher than Dwayne The Rock Johnson on your home surfaces, they’re also gentle AF on your skin. So if you’re looking for an amazing makeup removing pad that lasts for months and replaces wasteful cotton rounds, say hello to your new best friend: reusable paper towels.

The PERFECT paper towel design for makeup removal? This bold-lip-lewk by Laci Jordan.

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Makeup Remover Cotton Pad Alternative

7 - Clean your pet’s paws

Every dog owner can relate to that annoying feeling when you get home from a walk with your good boy… and then waste half a paper towel roll only to get most of the dirt out of your pup’s paws. That’s why reusable paper towels are the better choice! You can use one dry to get dust off your pet’s paws, or dip one in a bowl-full of water for a deeper clean. They’re truly Paw-erful. 

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Dogs Paws

8 - Replace your paper dinner napkins

Why is it that every time you try and clean your sticky hands with a paper napkin it tears or leaves behind bits of paper all over your fingers? Honestly, we don’t know - but one thing we do know is that you don’t have to put up with that anymore! Think of your reusable paper towels as the adult version of a baby wipe. Just wet them before your meal and say ta-ta to sticky fingers! Tested and approved by Papaya staff & deliciously sticky buffalo cauliflower bites.

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth as Paper Dinner Napkin Replacement

9 - Clean your makeup brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Yikes, but... same. Luckily, we know just the product to use! You guessed it, reusable paper towels. Goodbye sheets and sheets of disposable paper towels covered in sparkly NARS bronzer! Just spray your makeup brush with your favorite brush cleanser and swirl it in circular motions on your damp reusable paper towel. Rinse your paper towel and hang to dry for next time! 

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Makeup Brushes

10 - Bathroom Cleaning

Breaking news - reusable paper towels belong in your bathroom as much as they do in your kitchen! Why? Because they’re good at everything from giving your bathtub, sink or shower a deep clean, wiping away excess water off your vanity countertops, and adding to that beautiful bathroom aesthetic you’ve got goin’ on. Trust us, you’re going to want one hanging in each of your bathrooms!

Reusable Paper Towel Swedish Dishcloth Cleaning Bathroom Vanity

Want to use a reusable paper towel for each of these 10 ways? Grab a dedicated set for each task! You can even choose different designs for easy differentiation :) 
Curious about what else reusable paper towels are good for? Try one for yourself. We promise, it’ll be worth it! Find your favorite paper towel design today!

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