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1 sheet replaces 17 ROLLS!

  • All Natural & Compostable

  • Absorbs 20x
    its weight

  • Patent-pending hole & hook

Why we’re better:

  • Rags

    Stink like mildew. Papaya is naturally antibacterial - no smell!

  • Dish Towels

    Make so. much laundry.
    With Papaya, just use, rinse & hang to dry!

  • Paper Towels

    Are wasteful & bad for the planet.
    Papaya is reusable & compostable!

  • Sponges

    Sit wet in your sink and breed bacteria.
    Papaya dries quickly & cleanly on the hook!

Each pack comes with our Patent-Pending Hole + Hook Solution!

“I’ve tried other brands, but these are the BEST! The little hook makes such a difference!”

- Jennine L.

  • No more wet rags or washcloths sitting in your sink!
  • Hang them around your home (one design for each use!)
  • Hang for super quick-drying (smell ya later mildew!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1656 reviews
Diane Barry
Love them!!

I am loving my paper towels!!

Leonie Luisi
So useful!

Papaya reusables are awesome. So easy to use all over the house. Durable and attractive. I’ve been giving them as gifts.

Where have you been all my life?

One word: fabulous!

Christine OBRIEN

Reusable Paper Towel 2-pack

Sandra Stangohr
Awesome multi use wipe

Great on many surfaces, especially granite and stainless steel.

Kimberly in Seattle
Used 6x less paper towels in 2 wks

I wanted to try these to start to take a small action to help the environment by not using so many paper towels. These work really well, and I hang them on the cabinet door under the sink on the inside so they’re not visible. I like the lemon and ivy looking ones, and use them with Clorox on the counters as well - no smell and work well.

wipe up spills

1 - wipe up spills

clean your counters

2 - clean your counters

wash your dishes

3 - wash your dishes

wipe water from your vanity

4 - wipe water from your vanity

clean up after messy toddlers

5 - clean up after messy toddlers

replace paper napkins

6 - replace paper napkins

absorbs 20x its own weight

7 - absorbs 20x its own weight

outdoor furniture clean up

8 - outdoor furniture clean up

keep your produce fresh

9 - keep your produce fresh

wash windows, streak-free

10 - wash windows, streak-free

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