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Housewarming Gifts

Friends don’t let friends stock disposable paper towels in
their beautiful new homes.

Friends don’t let friends stock disposable paper
towels in their beautiful new homes.

reusable paper towels

paper towels


cute card



reusable gift bag

gift bag

Warm the Home Bundle

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Home Squeeze Home
Home Squeeze Home
Home Squeeze Home
Home Squeeze Home
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Choose Your Designs:

2 Sheets + 1 Hook + 1 Card + 1 Gift Bag

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Why it’s better than:

  • Rags

    Stink like mildew. Papaya is naturally antibacterial - no smell!

  • Dish Towels

    Make so. much laundry.
    With Papaya, just use, rinse & hang to dry!

  • Paper Towels

    Are wasteful & bad for the planet.
    Papaya is reusable & compostable!

  • Sponges

    Sit wet in your sink and breed bacteria.
    Papaya dries quickly & cleanly on the hook!

Each pack comes with our
Patent-Pending Hole + Hook Solution!

“I’ve tried other brands, but these are the BEST! The little hook makes such a difference!”

- Jennine L.

1. The Backsplash

Your go-to paper towel! Use for everyday messes like spills, floors and appliances.

2. By Your Counters

Your easy-access paper towel for wiping down counters and cleaning up after meal prep.

3. By The Kitchen Sink

Replace your bacteria-filled sponges.
Just add soap, lather and get scrubbing!

4. Inside the Kitchen Cupboard

Your hideaway option for everyday messes, or for drying wet dishes from the dishwasher.

5. Next to the Highchair

Messy toddlers are no match for Papaya! Use on sticky hands, faces, trays and floors.

6. By Your Vanity

Use this paper towel to soak up water puddles from your vanity. No more wasted tissues!

7. In Your Bathroom

Here for all your sink and shower related cleaning needs. Say goodbye to rags for good.

8. In the Kid's Bathroom

Replace the never-ending rotation
of washcloths, and use for bath time puddles!

1 sheet replaces 17 rolls!
Just wet to soften
All natural
No mildew smell
100% compostable

The eco-swap you never knew you needed.

What are they made of?

Papaya paper towels are all natural, super quick-drying, and don’t go to the landfill!

For everyday use:

  • 1. Rinse with soap + water (or just water!) & hang to dry

For a deeper clean:

  • 2. Top rack of your dishwasher.
  • 3. Machine wash. Air-dry only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4962 reviews
Salome Weisbrod
So handy!!

Love having my papaya hanging in my bathroom to clean up the water my family leaves all over the counter. Can't wait to try it in other places!

Ashley Fitzgerald

Tried these out for myself at Christmas and one other set as a gift. After trying them myself I knew I had to get them for others! Grabbed some fun designs for our bathroom and a couple sets for friends birthday gifts.

Carmen Ward
Really love this thing

I mostly use it for cleaning. Normal rags that I used to use would get so nasty so quickly and sopping wet. With this thing I can clean something dirty, rinse and wring it out and it’s like new and I can go on cleaning. Counters, surfaces, windows, appliances… it has actually made me enjoy cleaning lol.

Mia Findorff
love papaya!

i kept seeing ads for papaya on instagram and finally caved. i can’t express how much i LOVE papaya, and it feels good knowing that i’m saving so much and limiting waste. i would definitely recommend!


What do they feel like?

Papaya paper towels feel like a rag, towel and sponge had a baby. Stiff when dry, but just run them under water and watch the magic happen. You'll fall in love at first wipe with the soft and luxurious material. They’re also ultra absorbent - absorbing 20x their weight in liquid!

Why are they better than a rag or towel?

Did you know bacteria thrives in damp environments? Gross. Think about your kitchen towel, rag and even sink sponges. They sit wet in your sink, or hang outside but take forever to dry, breeding bacteria. Papaya is different. Made of a naturally quick-drying blend of materials, they start to dry within the hour - inhibiting that icky bacteria growth! So they're dry, smelling fresh, and ready to grab the next time you need them. Goodbye mildewy rag smell, hello sanitary cleaning!

What makes them all natural?

Papaya paper towels are made of 30% cotton and 70% cellulose. The materials we use are 100% natural, raw and renewable. Our designs are also printed with non-toxic, water based ink.

How long do they last?

Each Papaya paper towel will last anywhere from 2-9 months depending on where and how often you’re using it - replacing on average 17 rolls (or in most cases, far more!) of disposable paper towels. For example, the Papaya paper towel hanging in your kitchen will get tons of great use on messy things like counters, appliances, spills and dishes. That one will likely reach the end of its lifecycle quicker than the Papaya paper towel hanging in your bathroom that you use to wipe up water from the vanity. When its time for a new one, it's 100% compostable, so it won't contribute to the landfill!

Papaya Reusables

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